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a few little surprises

adventureAnna KellerComment

today I ventured over to Wal-Mart.  now, I am not a fan of this store.  I hate its business practices and ethics, its low-quality production standards, and the very odor that hangs over the store with its awful fluorescent lighting.  seriously, the entrance smelled like poop.  alas, being in an isolated corner of Vermont, there are certain items that can only be purchased at this one-stop nightmare of a megastore.  I knew the trip wouldn't be so awful since I saw this adorable little car in the parking lot.

isn't it adorable?!  I'm not much of a car person, but I couldn't help but be enamored with the vintage curves and bright color of this little guy.

while the beauty section of this store was seriously understocked, I was able to find a single lip color that I wanted to purchase.  I've been craving a bright, creamy poppy-red color this summer, and I was hoping to have a few options to select from.  seriously, most of the displays were completely empty, but I was won over by this Revlon shade: fire & ice.  I'm wearing it right now in the middle of the afternoon for no real reason and I feel extra wonderful.

I also found this Rit color remover.  I have a few too many pairs of DIY-ed cut-offs and I'm going to experiment to see if I can bleach a couple into white denim territory.  I figure I have nothing to lose, and if all goes well, I'll have a couple of pairs of shorts that make me look extra tan.

have a wonderful Friday!