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a simple solution

adventureAnna KellerComment

today did not go as I thought it would.  I woke up, headed to the gym with my dad, and halfway through my workout, I was sent a frantic text from my sister: can is dead please rush home to jump me so I can get to work.  well, I sped home, and despite our best efforts and a little help from WikiHow, we weren't able to jump the battery.  apparently, it was super dead.  so I drove her to work, went back to the gym to get my dad, and drove him around to do his errands.  all in all, I ended up driving an extra 2 hours today.  it was not the way I wanted to spend this gorgeous Saturday. however, there was a simple solution to my bad mood: take the kayaks out on the lake.  my parents bought 2 kayaks a few years ago, and I actually had not had the chance to use them.  I've only been home in Vermont for 1 or 2 weeks at a time since I started going to school, and kayaking was never very high on my priority list.  let me tell you, it should've been.  even though it took some time to load the kayaks on the car and drive over, and I ended up with half my butt in the lake, the smooth water, pristine views, and the soreness in my deltoids made me feel 100% better.

so if you have the chance, grab a paddle, your big sun hat, and a magazine to pass the time while your little brother takes his turn in one of the boats.  it will make you feel happy, healthy, and very, very alive.