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brunch | magnolia's

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last night, my sister and I went out in Burlington.  the Burlington Brew Fest was this weekend, so the city streets were packed with people who'd had a good time drinking delicious beer in the sun and were looking to continue their festivities into the night.  I had never really gone out in Burlington on a warm weekend night, and it felt so good to put on something a little chicer than the cutoffs and Ts that I've gotten in the habit of wearing and do my eye makeup so that my lashes felt extra long and flirtatious.  Vermont is known for its laid back attitude and totally casual attire (seriously, people live in Dansko clogs, Carhartts, and North Face jackets), and I was craving any excuse to wear wedges and an all-black ensemble. so out we went.  we stopped by American Flatbread and I had the most delicious honey beer, and at Drink we were a little too adventurous and tried the Green Fairy, a shot featuring absinthe.  I'd never had absinthe before, and the pounding headache that I had when I woke up this morning is all the persuasion I need to avoid it in the future.  there weren't enough pain killers in my bathroom to take away that poor choice.

so since we weren't exactly feeling our best, we decided that brunch was the best possible way to spend our morning.  I've dined at Magnolia's many times before, and I knew that their mostly organic ingredients would make me feel 100% better.  I would not recommend trying their tofu scramble (it's bland and oily), but the seitan reuben that I had today blew my mind.  paired with a tahini-dressed side salad, the savory flavors distracted me from the painful sensations coming from my frontal lobes.

after brunch we strolled around Burlington for a bit.  today turned out to be really hot, and it was nice to enjoy the bright blue skies and city streets before the day really warmed up.

even though brunch left me feeling pretty satisfied, I stopped at the Korner Kwik Mart and picked up a Rock Star Energy+Recovery drink and a $0.99 bag of crunchy Cheetos.  it was only after I inhaled those, went to the gym for an hour, and showered that I finally forgot about that crazy drink.  lesson of the weekend: don't drink things that are banned in most countries and have a strong reputation for making people crazy.