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an iPhone's view of my New Hampshire beach vacation

adventure, photographyAnna Keller1 Comment

a wonderful umbrella, a delicious cider with dinner, typical New England road trip view

here are a few more glimpses into my recent trip to Hampton Beach

my little brother, sister, and I decided to go for a morning jog.  while we only did 1 1/2 miles, running through the sand made it seem like a really strenuous workout.

our hosts were just eating lunch meat on bulkies for lunch, but we needed our seafood fix, so we went out and found a delicious $11.50 meal of fried clam strips at this joint.

the boardwalk was teeming with arcade and carnival games and the punk-ass tweens who wanted to play them.

my cousins, siblings, and I decided to go stroll down by the water at night.  it was misty and beautiful.

we decided to sample as much salt water taffy as we could handle.  my favorite was the maple one (of course).

I used to beg my mom to buy me one of these huge lollipops whenever we were at a gift shop.  now, I see these and just imagine how awful a headache that much sugar would give me.

this quirky little dinosaur display stood out from all over the other windows on the boardwalk filled with belly button piercings and pictures of raunchy henna tattoos.

my relatives' condo was right next to the beach, which proved to be very convenient whenever we were laying out and needed to use the restroom.  I can't stand to use the beach facilities.  they gross me out.

the most beautiful umbrellas on the whole beach.

my mom, her braid, and her book.

I love beach houses because every possible surface is covered with the cute/kitschy - shells, sea horses, and pleasant illustrations everywhere.