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what Vermonters do when it's too hot outside

adventureAnna KellerComment

up here in northern New England, we're used to chilly nights by campfires and early mornings spent with a mug of coffee watching the fog lift up over the mountains.  we are not accustomed to watching our thermometers creep over 90*F.  so when it does, we have to find the nearest mountain river to keep ourselves from overheating.

so this afternoon, even though I was still cleaning the sand out of my tote bag from yesterday's beach adventure, I was a few hours away from even the tiniest bit of relief from the heat that a sea breeze can bring.  my siblings and I decided to drive 25 minutes down to Bristol Falls, a pleasant collection of deep swimming holes perfect for canonballing into and large boulders for taking amazing afternoon naps on.  it was about 15*F cooler just down by the river, and the frigid mountain water, still cold from the spring thaw, helped us beat the heat very, very quickly.

tomorrow I'm planning on going to Huntington Gorge with one of my high school friends, which is another popular respite from these rare heatwaves in Vermont.  as much as I love to hear the surf pounding against the rocky coast of Maine, the gurgling of these mountain rivers and spectacular views of craggy cliffs more than fills my need for a beautiful day in nature.

where do you go to beat this exhausting summer heat?