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no worries

adventureAnna Keller3 Comments

today I was deliberating between getting my sister new black Reef flip flops or brown Reef flip flops (and then it was between thick and thin straps...eesh) and the sales clerk offered to help me.  really, this was something I needed to do by myself, and when I politely declined his assistance, he just smiled and said, "no worries," and continued around the corner.

no worries.

this simple little phrase brought a big smile to my face.  really, it was a low stress situation.  life is pretty good, and if debating between the color of your sandals causes you concern, then you need to reevaluate your life.

in case you were wondering, I chose to get the brown thin Reef flip flops and my sister was very pleased.  since my life is so wonderful at the moment, I then wandered around Burlington with my camera, stopped and got a delicious maple creemee, and then found a pleasant little spot by the dock and drew with oil pastels for an hour.

seriously, no worries.

P.S.  Otter Creek's 802 hard cider is exceptionally delicious.  just another little bit of Vermont-brewed magic.