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hitting The Spot

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today my mom took us out to The Spot for lunch to celebrate my sister's last day at her awful summer job.  I've been driving by this retro surf-inspired restaurant ever since it was converted from a 1950s Phillips 66 gas station.  it promised a laid-back, Hawaiian surf vibe, and while I didn't try the fish tacos, everyone seemed beyond pleased with their locally sourced food, served in a very chill atmosphere.  their breakfast and lunch menu is served daily from 7 am - 3 pm, and on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday they are open for dinner as well.  I've driven past this happening place on a few weekend nights and I would love to stop in and sample their fish tacos with a Switchback draft. I had The Machado sandwich, which consisted of two thick slices of wheat bread (you have your choice), a heavy slathering of flavorful pesto, melted fresh mozzarella, and roasted vegetables.  I opted for a side of fruit to go with my pickle.  the rest of my group had sandwiches, a breakfast burrito, and a veggie chorizo wrap.  we all left very happy.