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styleAnna Keller1 Comment

I never thought this weekend would arrive!  in March, I purchased my weekend pass to Osheaga 2011, a music festival in Montreal, QC.  this will be my third time attending the festival, and each year has been better than the last.  my first year, I was unimpressed by MGMT and fell in love with The Kills.  my second year I danced way too long to Snoop Dogg, Arcade Fire, Robyn, Sonic Youth, and many, many more.  this year I'm looking forward to Lupe Fiasco, Bright Eyes, Sam Adams, Elvis Costello, Sia, Tokyo Police Club, Eels, The Sounds, Ellie Goulding, Death Cab for Cutie...I can go on.  really, I just love live music and cannot wait to dance in the sunshine for hours and hours to my favorite bands. music festival style seems to be as big a part of the event as the actual performances, and while I've put in a little bit of thought about what I want to wear, I just want to wear something simple and airy that can withstand a day of sitting in the grass and potentially getting a beer dumped on my head (worst case scenario).  we're staying in a hotel in Montreal, so I had to prepare both of my outfits: simple shift dresses with a belt to add shape and a hat to protect my face.  I'll be piling on the bracelets to add a tiny bit of flare.

dress #1: H&M | dress #2: topshop | hat: Charlotte Russe | belt: Urban Outfitters