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visit to the dentist: $20 (copay)

haircut and style: $45

2 passport photos: $12.60

having an ID photo in which you actually look nice and attractive: priceless

I've been pretty productive and getting stuff done so that I'm all set to go abroad in a couple of weeks.  today I woke up bright and early to make it to my regular dental cleaning (no cavities, as usual!) and a much needed hair appointment.   I need 2 passport photos for my Danish residency permit, so I figured I may as well stop by the UPS store and get them taken when actual professionals can ensure that I don't look like I got in a fight right before my picture was taken.  for some reason, my past license, school ID, and passport photos all look pretty bad.  whatever.  while I'm not looking quite at the camera in this new batch, my hair is really shiny and my teeth are pearly white.  I'll take what I can get.