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a new place

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I've decided to start a new blog devoted solely to my study abroad experience and travels.  this does not mean that I'm abandoning this blog!  I just wanted a home on the internet to focus on my adventures and a place to direct my friends, family, and anyone else who is interested in my journey. this morning I added my very first post about my itinerary.  check it out here.

and remember, I'm not moving (to covering ground) and forgetting about this site.  I'm merely expanding my presence on the world wide web!

side note: I'm just catching up on the newest season of Weeds and am so obsessed with the all of the Copenhagen references.  here's a little secret: when the Botwin family announced that they were headed to Copenhagen, that's when the idea to study abroad there was planted in my head.  no joke.  for a while they were also really obsessed with Pittsburgh.  not that I consider them any sort of role models, but it's nice when your favorite cities get a shout-out on a critically acclaimed show.