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I've been doing a lot of planning and thinking about what I want to pack for my upcoming trip to Copenhagen.  I've become a much smarter, lighter packer in recent years, and I want to be as mobile and efficient as possible on this journey.  I will stay within my 2 checked bag limit and try my best not to cram either one with more than 50 lbs of my favorite jeans, leggings, cardigans, sunglasses, slippers, flats, boots, jackets, yoga pants, hair products, hats, leather shorts...

like I said, I will try my best.

instead of learning common Danish phrases, I've been thinking deep thoughts about which jacket I should bring.  should I pack my new black knee-length wool duffle coat with toggles?  or should I layer as much as possible under my shearling-lined moto jacket (no worries, it's vegan)?  will my beloved grey equestrian boots survive the journey?  or will they fail and force me to buy some overpriced European version?  since I know I'll never grow tired of them, should I only pack striped shirts and slouchy grey sweatshirts? and no matter what, my LL Bean moccasin slippers are coming with me in my carry-on.

I do know that I want to keep my jewelry pretty simple.  I'll only pack my favorite silver turquoise rings to match my silver charm bracelet and silver menswear style watch.  I also ordered these tiny perfect gold hoops, which I hope will only leave my ears when I decide to wear something big and flashy for a night out.  I bought this same set about a year ago, and I gradually lost each and every hoop as I tossed in my sleep.  they're only $15 for this gold plated set, though, so replacing them isn't a huge deal.  I really like the classic but slightly edgy look of having 2 stacked hoops in each of my double pierced ears.

experienced travelers: do you have any packing wisdom to share?