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yesterday we returned from taking a trip with my dad, and tomorrow morning, we will wake up at the crack of dawn to take a trip with my mom. all of this family bonding stuff is exhausting, especially when all I can think about it Copenhagen, Danish pastries, and what shoes I should pack for 4 whole months.

with my dad, we went down to the Philly/Jersey/Hudson River Valley area.  we stopped to spend a little time with my Grandma, Helen Keller.  her name isn't a joke, and I've been using the fun fact that my Grandma shares her name with a famous deaf & blind woman for my entire life.  when I share this information, most people ask if she's the real Helen Keller, and I think that a small percentage of them are totally unaware that the famous Helen died in 1968.

we also went on a tour of Kykuit, a Roosevelt estate, in Tarrytown, NY.  the architecture, art collections, furniture, and views of the Valley absolutely blew my mind.  unfortunately, we weren't able to take photographs inside the building, but I did take plenty of lovely shots of the grounds and exterior sculptures.  Tarrytown was also so quaint, and it's known for being the home of the Headless Horseman.  I was the narrator in my 5th grade production of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and my lines seeped back into my brain as I looked at each historic inn and pub.

(I'll post my pictures from my DSLR later)

we have Sunday as a little bit of a rest day, and then tomorrow morning we are driving off to Monhegan Island, a small island several miles off the coast of Southern Maine.  there are no cars allowed on the island, and it is apparently known as being a escape and source of inspiration for artists.  I'm going to miss watching The Bachelor Pad, but the quiet and natural surroundings should help me clear my head before I make a mad dash to get everything done before I fly to Europe on Saturday.

I hope your weekend is full of R&R!