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more from Montreal

adventure, photographyAnna Keller2 Comments

I finally finished uploading my photographs of Montreal to Flickr.  my family was getting mad about the amount of bandwidth I was commanding (I really miss my high-speed connections.  what is with Vermont and it's sloooow internet???), so I had to take a break so someone else could stream Netflix.  whatever. here are a few more snaps from my day trip to Montreal.

Montreal is such a great city.  it seems so foreign and interesting, even though it's only about an hour north of the Vermont border.  everything from the street signs to the fire hydrants just make me do a double take.  it's also the only place within a 5 hour drive of my house with multiple H&Ms, Zara, IKEA, and all of those other hotbeds of consumption that I start to miss when I'm in Vermont.  I just wish I could go up there more often.