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on the rocky coast of Maine

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  Welcome to a day along the coast of Maine. No place could ever be More beautiful to see

Stars are in the sky on the morning tide. The fishing boats are rockin’ The ocean birds are callin’:

“Welcome to Maine!  Welcome to Maine!”

Come see the sunrise high on Cadillac Mountain. Come see the sailboats reaching for the horizon. Come let the waters carry you away Along the rocky coast of Maine.

On a stormy day along the coast of Maine. The salty wind is singin’ The buoy bells are ringin’

On the rising tide waves are breaking high. And when the storm is clearing It’s Mother Nature saying:

“Welcome to Maine!  Welcome to Maine!”

Come see the rainbows rising over the islands. Come see the children racing into the ocean. Come learn the songs in the music of the waves. On the rocky coast of Maine.

in 4th grade, I knew every single word of this song by heart.


at the beginning of this week, I packed up my trusty LL Bean yellow raincoat and cozy navy sweater and drove across Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.  we made sure to stop at Amato's, home to the most delicious veggie Italian sandwich in New England, and we pulled up to the dock just barely in time to get on the ferry that would take us the 12 miles from New Harbor to Monhegan Island, a rocky paradise in the middle of the Atlantic.

(and please, excuse my iPhone pictures)

to be continued...