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packing up

styleAnna KellerComment

today marks  my last full day here in the States before I jet off to Copenhagen for a semester.  I have loads to do: calling credit card companies, picking up mascara, cramming as many pairs of socks as I can into my bags...and picking out which nail polishes to bring with me.  it's tough to decide which colors I should limit myself to for the next few months.  I don't know if I'm going to want to sport red nails in November, or if the cold, cloudy afternoons of December will leave me craving a burst of gold on my toes.  either way, I think I'm prepared with the following selections.

Confetti (Debutante) -- Essie (Ballerina Pink) -- Sally Hansen (Cherry Red)

Sally Hansen (Gunmetal) -- Sally Hansen (Thinking of Blue) -- American Apparel (Peacock) -- Confetti (Lonesome Dove)

I have yet to print out my visa letter to enter Denmark.  obviously, I have my priorities in order.