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adventureAnna Keller3 Comments

this morning I left my house in Vermont bright and early to drive down to Boston for my afternoon flight on Icelandair.  now I'm sitting in Logan International Airport, just having gone through a totally painless security screening.  even though I think my bags may have been a tad too heavy, I wasn't charged at all.  my flights are on time, and in just a few hours, I will be wheeling my suitcases into Copenhagen sunshine (I checked and the weather looks great!).

it's so surreal that this opportunity is finally here.  it seems like just yesterday that I decided to study abroad, and suddenly I have readings due for my first few classes.  I'm not sure if I'm quite ready for a new semester, but I do know that I am totally prepared for a new city and all of the adventures that comes with traveling abroad.

I'll be keeping my travel blog updated a little more frequently than this one, but I will be sure to stop in here every once and a while.