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Danes don't do peanut butter...

adventure, foodAnna KellerComment

...but I sure as heck do.

my host had to point it out to me.  they have it tucked away on a top shop in my local market, hidden between the Nutella and the many flavors of jams made from mysterious berries.

it only contains 70% peanuts, but it still tastes pretty darn good.

I'm especially looking forward to eating some spread on bread tomorrow morning.  my host doesn't seem to have a toaster, although I have found a mysterious gadget that may actually serve the same purpose.  regardless, I have been eating my untoasted bread with marmalade, and while it tastes OK, this isn't the best breakfast for fueling me for navigating through Copenhagen's crooked streets.  I got lost many, many times today, and I'm going to blame it on the lack of healthy fats in my diet.

for lunch, I had a greasy 'China Box' from a little stand.  for only 30 DKK, I got to choose 3 dishes.  I was delirious from low blood sugar and a lack of caffeine, so I just opted for the vegetarian picks: small vegetarian egg rolls, veggie lo mein, and a few onion rings.  it made me feel greasy and slow but it did make my hunger headache disappear.

I made up for the lack of nutrition in the rest of my day by cooking myself my very first meal here in Copenhagen: a shrimp primavera with a side salad.  topped with plenty of olive oil and mozzarella cheese, I finally felt like I ate something that would fuel me for a bit.

I will admit that navigating food choices in a foreign city is rather difficult, especially when you're a pescatarian without a translator to help you figure out what is goose liver and what is some kind of root paste.  eventually I will be able to cook like a Dane with traditional Danish ingredients, but I know it'll take some time.

have you ever had to grocery shop and cook for yourself in a foreign country?