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en un mois, je vais à Paris!

adventureAnna Keller3 Comments

one of the great things about my study abroad program is that they consider 'Europe to be our classroom.'  so while I'm having an amazing time getting to know Copenhagen and what it means to be a Dane, soon I will be jetting off to other parts of Europe. my core program includes a trip to France, and we'll visit Paris, Verdun, and Reims.  to say that I'm excited would e a HUGE understatement.  while I didn't have the diligence to learn the French language beyond 10th grade, I have had an enormous crush on the city for a very, very long time.

so while my primary focus while I'm there will be on school and enhancing my learning experience, I will definitely get my fill of baguettes, macarons, and the Eiffel tower.