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girl crush

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confession: I keep developing major girl crushes on every perfectly dressed female that I see calmly maneuvering themselves around this city on two wheels.  their topknots are always perfect, and they are dressed in beautiful color pallet of greys, olives, soft pinks, camel, navy, and black.  some of them wear simple black heels, others wear Converse with just the right amount of scuffing.

my Danish roommate said that I can borrow her second bike once her neighbor returns it, and I'm terrified that I won't fit in with these utterly cool Danish girls.  they never get in accidents, and they never seem to be running late.  I'm positive that I'll get a shoelace stuck in my chain or run straight into a gorgeous blond Danish man (they're everywhere, too).

eventually I'll get up the nerve to join this nation of bikers, but for now I'll look both ways when I cross the bike lane and continue to take notes on how easily they appear chic/environmentally aware/fit.