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missing things

adventureAnna Keller3 Comments


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when I was packing for Copenhagen, I tried really, really hard to fit my life into 2 big pieces of luggage and 2 carry-ons.  I was successful in this endeavor, but 10 days into my experience abroad, there are a few things that I wish I had brought instead of 12 pairs of black pants (seriously, I have all possible versions of leggings, yoga pants, etc.).

I really miss my watercolors, my sketchbooks, my oil pastels, and Mod-Podge.  I wish I had packed my yoga mat.  I want to wear my perfectly worn-in denim cut-offs and my super thick Carnegie Mellon sweatpants that I have to roll 3 times so they fit.  I want to eat real peanut butter and an entire tub of hummus with pretzels.

while this city is fabulous, with it's army of chic bikers and well designed kitchenware, I do miss my little corner of Vermont, my friends and the streets of Pittsburgh, and little American comforts that you can't pack in a suitcase.


does anyone want to send me a care package? :)