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see: photography of Wilma Hurskainen

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here in Copenhagen, I have already had the good fortune to visit many of the fine museums and exhibitions that the city has to offer.  one of the first little field trips that I took for a class was to go to the Royal Library, home of the National Museum of Photography.  it's a fairly small space, which means that they don't have any permanent exhibits, but we were able to catch the end of the exhibit "Touching Dreams," a collection of work done by students at the Helsinki School. it was a really interesting compilation of work, and one of my favorite photographers from the exhibit was Wilma Hurskainen.  one of my favorite projects of hers is called Growth, where she has worked to recreate many of her family's childhood photographs as closely as possible.

here are a few of my favorite images:

as she writes in her description, part of her intention with this project was to comment on how snapshots of family life are often captured and then stored away, forgotten.  I know that my family has shoeboxes of memories that are just waiting to be sorted through.

this project reminded me of Nicholas Nixon's images of the Brown sisters.  he was also exploring the nature of relationships and time, and while this concept isn't especially novel, it does require an impressive level of time, commitment, and attention to detail.  even if we all attempted to complete this same task, the result would be totally different and very, very interesting.