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settling in

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I've been here in Copenhagen for 2 weeks now, and I finally feel like I'm settled in.  my bags are totally unpacked, I have figured out the public transportation system, and today I even did laundry.  all of my belongings have found a home, and I may have done a little shopping to give myself a few more options while I'm here.

I love how bright my room is (for now -- daylight starts disappearing fast in the autumn here)

my program provides us with all of our books for free.  good deal, right?

on my bedside table: my silly little Danish phone, my disabled iPhone (thank god for wifi), Canon Rebel handbook, journal, little Moleskine)

my workspace

a pretty little cigarette case from Urban Outfitters is perfect for holding bobby pins and hair ties

I still get lost at least 3 times a day, so I need a map with me at all times

my makeup looks best when I do it by natural light

everything in my room is from IKEA.  EVERYTHING.  I even have the same bureau here that I do at home.

H&M boots - left, purchased here, right, purchased in Pittsburgh

I was craving fall fashion in a really big way last week, so I went to 7-11 (they're EVERYWHERE here) and picked up British Vogue to get my fix.  it ended up costing 100 kroner (~ $20).  I guess I'd better really enjoy it.