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sunshine on a rocky coast

adventure, photographyAnna KellerComment

this is the third installment of posts about my time on Monhegan Island, ME.  while on the first and second days it was rainy, dreary, and more than a little cold, the sun finally broke through the clouds on Tuesday night and we had a few wonderful sunny hours before we took a ferry back to the mainland.  

that sunset made up for the wet socks and freezing fingers that I had been complaining about.

it's strange, but I actually think the island was more beautiful when a thick cover of clouds muted all of the colors and made everything infinitely more magical and ethereal.  the sunshine was wonderful, though, and since the island is known for its hiking and views, it was good that we were able to spend some pleasant time outside.

I have one more post planned about this trip.  you want to hear all about the food, right?  it is still a working fishing community, and you'd better believe that I had some of the best and freshest seafood of my life.