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some soup on a Sunday

food, photographyAnna Keller3 Comments

I always start to feel under the weather a few weeks into the new school year.  without a doubt, after several days of homework and a few too many nights out, I get a scratchy throat, runny nose, and persistent headache. even though I'm breathing in clean Danish air every day instead of that infamous Pittsburgh pollution, this fall is no different.  after spending 3 days on a study tour with my history class, traveling across Denmark by bus, and spending more time getting to know my classmates than sleeping, my body knew that it was time to succumb to illness.

this morning I woke up and was finally able to use my speaking voice (there's nothing like that smoker's rasp that I always get).  I chugged some green tea and decided that it was high time I made myself something full of vegetables, delicious, and good for me.

I did a little blog research and happened upon Angela's recipe at Oh She Glows for Feelin' Good Stew.  I've had some trouble sourcing my usual staples here in Denmark (uhhh, where's all the hummus here?) but I knew I could find most ingredients in this recipe.

I managed to get dressed & out of the apartment before my local Spar closed.  nothing is open on Sundays in Denmark, and as an American who is used to finding whatever I want at any time I want, it's annoying.

I couldn't seem to find a can of mushrooms, a sweet potato, or bay leaves, but everything else I was able to pick up or find in my apartment's pantry.

one of the reasons I decided to make this vegan soup was because usually it's an incredibly cheap meal.  this will make several servings and will save me a ton of time during the week, too.  however, Denmark is EXPENSIVE.  part of that is because there is a 25% tax on EVERYTHING, but also because the krone is doing pretty well compared to the dollar.  the Danes can afford to live pretty darn well, even those on unemployment (like my roommate), but it's pretty hard to be a student here.

by my rough calculations, this whole batch of soup cost 90 DKK, which is about $16.50.  if I get 6 meals of out it, that comes out to $1.92.  since the cheapest piece of pizza you'll ever find in Copenhagen costs 25 DKK ($4.58) this is a DEAL.

a girl's gotta eat, and if all of my home-cooked meals look like this, I'll have a much easier time saving up for weekend trips to Stockholm and croissants bought in Paris.