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a little peek of Paris, via my iPhone

adventure, photographyAnna KellerComment

I've only been back in Copenhagen for 5 days, and I'm already dreaming of returning to the City of Lights.

1.  the view from my hotel, Hotel de la Tulipe

2.  yup, that's the Mona Lisa

3.  the Louvre, all lit up at night #sigh

4.  Museum D'Orsay, which was sadly undergoing renovations so many of its most famous pieces were nowhere to be found

5.  wine festival at Sacre Couer in Montmartre...I can't believe that this is my life

6.  fireworks at said wine festival over the city

7.  street style street art (nowhere near as cool as Berlin, though)

8.  I went to Ladurée and then tried different macarons all over the city, and Ladurée was the best, hands down

9.  even on a grey and gloomy morning, Paris is so magical

10.  Jardin des Tuileries at dusk