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deep breaths

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so this weekend, I moved into a new apartment.  I love it and am so, so, SO happy to leave my other, slightly toxic living situation.

however, I don't have internet yet at my new place.  as I'm sure you can understand, this is very annoying.  everything from my schoolwork to my Tumblr reblogging relies on having constant internet access.  I feel more than a little anxiety if I can't check my email every few minutes.  I'm addicted to technology and I'm not ashamed.

I've found myself with a whole lot of free time since I can't access my Google Reader, and it's actually pretty refreshing.  I bought yarn and knitting needles and am making myself a big, Scandinavian scarf.  I brought my laptop to the library and downloaded a bunch of NPR podcasts, so now I'm actually aware of what's going on in the world.  I'm exploring and observing more than I have been in the past few weeks.

sometimes you need to disconnect.  I just wish I had a say in when it happened.