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in my mind, I'm still in France

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image from Into the Gloss

I can't help it.  I still can't get France out of my head.  from the dust of the Tuileries that is still lingering on my shoes to my sudden urge to wear navy blazers and red lipstick, I keep having flashbacks to that wonderful week I spent in France.

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I've been reblogging pictures from France on my Tumblr nonstop, and I got distracted in class while reading Into the Gloss's interview with Léa Seudoux, a fabulous French actress who possesses that je ne sais quoi that everyone talks so much about.  the British Glamour that I picked up at 7-11 the other day had a fabulous article about Carven and what exactly it means to be chic in the that only a Parisian woman can.

from Tumblr

I can't help it.  after all, it is the most beautiful city in the world.  (and I think I may be addicted to the croissants)