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adventureAnna Keller1 Comment

...and on Monday I'm off to Prague, London, Cambridge, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt!

I feel like I've already had too much adventure for one little small town girl.  I've become very good at pointing to things when I don't know a word and looking bewildered whenever someone asks me a question in a language I don't understand.  I've gotten lost to the point where I ended up right where I wanted to be and I've learned that sometimes you need to be rude in order to get yourself out of a compromising situation.  traveling can be overwhelming and extremely exhausting, but since I left the States in the middle of August, I feel like I've learned a million new things and can handle myself in (almost) any situation.

I'm spending my weekend resting, cleaning, preparing, and packing for my two week grand tour through Europe.  I'm already anticipating how mind-blowing the whole experience will be, and I can't really wrap my head around how many new things I will see, do, discover, and eat over the next 14 days.

and so, let the adventure continue!