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I wanna make you happy, I wanna make you feel alive

musicAnna Keller1 Comment

- from Junk of the Heart (Happy) by The Kooks

when I was in Amsterdam last week, I had a few nights to myself.  night time can be lonely when you're all alone in a city several thousand miles away from your home.  instead of hiding in a little café (different than a coffee shop), I treated myself to a nice & rowdy live concert.  The Kooks were great -- high energy & sounded just like their record, which is generally how I decide if a band is any good or not.  they're British, a little quirky, and can keep a crowd dancing and singing along for hours.

some of my friends were surprised when I said I was going to a concert solo.  why not, though?  it's not like there's a lot of time for talking anyway, and the only time I was a little lonely was during that awkward point between the opening group and the main event.  it was fun, I danced off the beers that I drank, and I even got chatted up by a cute Dutch boy who complemented me on how well I knew the words.  well, I speak English as my first language, so it wasn't too hard for me sing along and just pretend to know the lyrics when I didn't.  it was nice to get a little attention.

what was the last event you attended alone?  would you go to a concert by yourself?