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the other day I wandered into København Hovedbiblioteket (Copenhagen Central Library), which is right in the middle of the old Latin Quarter and about 5 minutes away from my program's tiny and totally insufficient excuse for a library.  I've been quietly suffering without having a library in which to go lose myself, and as I wandered through each of the 5 floors, I grew happier and happier. it was very interesting to be in a Danish library.  most of the books on display were in Danish, but the stacks were filled with shelves of books of different languages, and most of those that weren't Danish were English (I kind of love globalization).  I leafed through art books and rock band biographies, and could only start to look through the massive CD & DVD collection.  since I'm a Danish resident for the semester, I can technically take stuff home with me.  since we have about 8 hours of daylight (and it's becoming less and less each day), I will definitely be watching some movies on my MacBook.

I spent the most time on the top floor, which is home to the library's magazine library.  I just love going through the archives of Vogue and Elle Decor, spanning the decades and laughing over trends that have popped up again and again.  today I grabbed 3 English magazines that were on display: The New Yorker from this June, a recent issue of Newsweek, and a British House & Garden (I've been reading a lot of British magazines recently and am now totally obsessed.  but that's a rant for another day).


as much as I love the convenience of digital media and online magazine content, there is no feeling like leafing through a brand new magazine.  so Condé Nast, don't worry -- you won't be losing my money as a subscriber any time soon.