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bill cunningham's new york

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- Bill Cunningham, Bill Cunningham's New York

[image from my summer 2010 visit to the Montreal Museum of Fine Art's Jean-Paul Gaultier exhibit]

I've been spending a lot of time avoiding my work and hiding from the winds of Scandinavia by watching documentaries on Netflix (I know how nerdy this sounds).Β  one of my favorite programs was Bill Cunningham's New York, a fascinating look at the octogenarian who is still zipping around NYC on his bike, a flash of blue in his trademark smock.


Bill has spent the majority of the last 50 years covering New York style and society for the New York Times, and this movie is an intimate portrayal of one of the nicest and most humble photographers to exist.Β  he doesn't go out into the streets to photograph the glamazons with the same designer bags and shoes over and over.Β  he's looking for people with their own personal flare, whether that is a 6th grade girl in her school uniform or an elderly woman wearing a particularly flashy poncho on a rainy day.

I'd recommend this movie if you are at all interested in fashion, personal style, NYC, photography, and the story of one American's life spent living in a tiny apartment in Carnegie Hall, surrounded by decades worth of priceless negatives.