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Berlin, via my iPhone

adventure, photographyAnna Keller3 Comments

I am now back in Copenhagen after 2 amazing days in Berlin.  I firmly stand by my statement that Berlin is my favorite European city.  it may not be as magical as Paris or as ancient as Rome, but it is a city of individuals, conceptual cafés full of friends, deserted warehouses that have been converted into studios, and delicious beer.  I had a hard time leaving, and I know that I will find myself on the city's graffiti-ed streets again.

sunrise at 7:30 am

on a portion of the Berlin Wall in the East Side Gallery

a chai tea latte & rhubarb meringue cake at Milch & Zucker

a light dinner at Mein Haus am See on Brunnenstraße -- try the orange beer

brunch at Café Bravo on Auguststraße

thrifting at Humana

schneeballen - literally, a snowball, or delicious pastry