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my Christmas loot!  I asked my mom for a few souvenirs from my travels that are much cheaper here than in Europe.  I wanted a Longchamp bag in Paris, and now that I'm not in college, people won't assume that I'm in a sorority if I'm carrying one (no offense if you're in a sorority, it's just not my thing).  I also really, really wanted a Fjallraven Kanken backpack in Denmark.  everyone, and I mean everyone, has one, from tiny little 4-year-olds to really attractive 24-year-old men.  now my bag lust is satisfied for at least a month or two.

my sister got a giant pack of crayons for Christmas, so she spent a portion of Christmas morning arranging them.  then, my little brother (and when I say little, I mean 16 and 6' tall) accidentally knocked her crayon holder over and she had to do it all over again.  typical.

I needed my LL Bean slippers replaced (seriously the best slippers EVER) and I really wanted a fancy pair of LL Bean duck boots.  my dad was kind enough to get me both of these very practical requests as Christmas gifts.  now I feel like even more of a New England girl.

every Christmas Eve, we have a classy feast of delicious Chinese food.  this lovely vignette was taken at Dragon House here in Hinesburg.

my brother seemed to not plan very far ahead this Christmas, and the gifts that he ordered for me and my sister didn't get here until Tuesday.  he learned his lesson and I now have this cute satchel.  doesn't he have great taste?

I may be an unemployed recent college grad, but I can still kind of afford a few post-holiday splurges: cream cable knit sweater, wool brimmed hat, On the Road -- all for $5 each.  hint: Urban Outfitter's sale section is an additional 50% off right now.

the snow gods finally delivered and last night we got at least 4" of fluffy white magic.  this morning, my mom left us a note to SWEEP our entire driveway to clear it.  our driveway is over 100m long and gravel.  she's crazy.

the view from my bedroom window.  not too shabby.