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beantown adventures

adventureAnna Keller2 Comments

this weekend, my dad took me and my sister for a little weekend getaway in Boston, Massachusetts.  the weather on Saturday was AMAZING: 60* and sunny in the middle of January???  I hadn't seen the sun in weeks and it felt so good.  plus, I've been itching to travel for over a week now, and it was a nice treat to get out of the country and go back to a big, bustling city.

we stayed at Hotel Marlowe, a chic boutique hotel in Cambridge.  the fruit-infused water and plush seating were a far cry from the seedy little hostels that I found myself in all over Europe last fall.

our first tourist activity was to take a tour of the Samuel Adams Brewery.  it was a short but interesting tour that included a lot of beer drinking.  it was free and I got a slight beer buzz on before lunch...the ideal start to my mini-vacation.

the rest of our weekend was filled with a lot of good food, more local beer, some time spent watching cable TV in our really nice hotel room, and pushing amongst the locals on the T.  this morning my legs are a little sore and I think I have lost most of the tourism endurance that I developed while I was abroad.  I'm taking it as a sign that I need to travel more.