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1.  I just can't get over these mountains.  I really want to move out of Vermont (I need a city) but I love love love the scenery.  I'm glad that I don't take it for granted.  2.  this is the view from my work.  it's actually a large panorama of the biggest ski mountains in this part of the state, but, well, instagram just couldn't capture them all.  3.  this morning I had a spare moment and I devoted it to touching up my nails: Sephora Express nail polish remover (Amy of Coffee Talk just did a post about it, too) and Sephora by OPI in High Maintenance.  a lovely red with a hint of orange.  4.  the other morning I made whole wheat pumpkin pancakes and just had to doctor them up with chocolate syrup and whipped cream.  I just had to.