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want: colorblock sweater

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even though I've banned myself from making any sort of clothing purchase until I have at least a little bit of financial cushion, I still find new items that I want/need/obsess over on a daily basis.

image scanned from Elle magazine

c0lorblocking isn't exactly new or exciting, but I do love the simplicity and boldness of a dual-hued sweater.

I was making the rounds at my local mall a few weeks ago and fell in love with this colorblocked sweater at Gap.  in high school, I used to be a Gap girl through and through, but past season's boxy cuts and overwhelming presence of office-wear have left me very unimpressed.  this sweater, however, is something I would really like to add to my closet.  I've checked on it a few times now, and it's down from the original price of $44.95 to $30 (lower, but not low enough).  thankfully, if you wait long enough for something at Gap you can usually find it with tucked into the XXL sale section with a final sale sticker at the reasonable price it should've been all along.