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eat: el cortijo

foodAnna Keller1 Comment

on Valentine's day, my mom and I treated ourselves to lunch at El Cortijo Taqueria Y Cantina, a new taco place here in Burlington, Vermont, right off of Church St.  it's owned by the same guys who run the Farmhouse, one of my favorite restaurants in town, so we knew we were in for a tasty & locally-sourced meal.

it's small, but it wasn't too full on a weekday at 1.  I'm sure that it gets to be rather busy for Sunday brunch or on a Friday night.  there aren't many places in the city that sell a decent margarita and from the looks of their drink menu, El Cortijo is trying to fill that void.  alas, we both had to go back to work after eating and refrained from knocking a few back midday.

their menu is pretty simple, offering a few appetizers and several tacos.  their brunch menu had a few other dishes that aren't offered any other time.  we started with the papas fritas, which are amazing seasoned & fried potatoes doused in a white queso sauce ($6).

we also both opted for a plate with rice, beans, and our choice of two tacos.  the beans weren't anything extraordinary, but the rice was moist and flavorful.  to fill my organic soft corn tortilla, I went with the pescado, crispy line-caught North Atlantic fish, and tequila-lime slaw ($4.5), and the camote, with organic sweet potatoes, braised kale, guajillo salsa, and pepitas ($3.5).  maybe having locally grown kale and organic sweet potatoes in your taco are a Vermont thing, but I highly recommend this combination if you can.

we left full but without that gross, greasy feeling that accompanies so many Mexican-inspired meals.  so if you find yourself on Bank Street late on a Thursday night, squeeze into a booth here and pair one of the many local brews on tap with a big plate of delicious tacos.


El Cortijo Taqueria Y Cantina

189 Bank St

Burlington, VT

802-497-1668  (they do takeout, too!)