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a spread fit for the oscars

foodAnna Keller1 Comment

as I mentioned the other night, I held a little nominee-themed dinner for the Academy Awards.  full of finger foods, it was the perfect accompaniment for a night of fabulous gowns (Gwenyth Paltrow, Jennifer Chastain, and Rooney Mara were my top picks) and French domination.  I thought that the show was kind of a disappointment.   Billy Crystal really should not sing on stage and the show was full of random, not-funny moments.  Like when Rose Byrne and Melissa McCarthy did shots of Grey Goose for no apparent reason -- what was that?  I think they should've had James Franco come back, even if he looked like he was high for all of last year's show.

on the menu:

champagne & sparkling lemonade

shrimp cocktail (tree of life)

smoke salmon, creme fraîche, and fennel rillettes (midnight in Paris)

pesto, ricotta, and mushroom pizza (extremely loud & incredibly cloud)

mini pigs in blankets, both meat & veg (moneyball)

Meyer lemon icebox pie bites (the help)


we filled out our Oscar ballots and I only got 6 categories right.  what does Harry Potter have to do to win some awards?!?