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photographyAnna KellerComment

I'm a self-declared history nerd, and when that history has a focus on visual pop culture, I can get obsessed really fast.  so when Tumblr introduced me to The New York Times's visual archive blog The Lively Morgue, I quickly fell in love.

"March 4, 1968: “Don’t call them paper dresses,” began a report about a line of disposable dresses that could be reimagined as posters. The one seen here features Cape Kennedy. Another? An Allen Ginsberg poem. “The intent is for pretty  young things to buy them on impulse and wear them to the beach or parties,” the reporter wrote. “Matrons, stay away.”"

so far, the new site only has 7 images in its archives, but with millions of images left to post, I will definitely be sticking around to see what they share next.