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on Wednesday, my brother and I went to see Fun. at Higher Ground in South Burlington.  I recently became obsessed with their single We Are Young and have been playing their new album Some Nights on repeat since it dropped last week.  this show was the kick-off to their tour, and every last second of the performance blew my rather judgmental mind.  they were arguably one of the tightest, most-energetic, and happiest bands that I've ever seen live (and I've seen everyone from Feist to Foster the People to Snoop Dogg).  the lead singer's voice is OoC.  perfectly pitched with a ridiculous range.  I quickly developed a girl crush on the lone female member of the band and danced my little heart out.  when they played We Are Young it was the first time that I've had trouble hearing a band over the voices of every single member of the sold-out crowd singing along.

if you have the chance to see them, GO.  Fun. does not disappoint.