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the waiting game

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there is nothing that I hate more than waiting.  twiddling my thumbs while waiting to hear from someone else to decide my fate.  especially when that decision is a job offer that would move me halfway across the country.  fingers crossed!  and in the meantime I've halted my job search and endless applications to allow myself to relax a little bit.  I've been reading magazines, scrolling though Tumblr, and watching lots and lots of Kell On Earth and Skins.  I may only have a few more days of [f]unemployment, after all.

here's some of what I've encountered:

1. this looks just like my cat!  2. coveteuring  3. pretty perfumes on Ensuite

4. I finally watched The Darjeeling Limited and LOVED it

5.  got kind of nostalgic about Denmark  6. perfect hair. maybe I'll pull out my straightener