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tour of Italy: day 1

adventure, photographyAnna KellerComment

this is a little blast from the past!

in 2006, I was lucky enough to travel to Italy for 2 weeks with my Latin and Art classes.  we were totally taken care of, chauffeured all over the country on a comfy bus, taken to some really nice hotels (and some kind of dumpy ones), treated to the best tiramisu on Capri, and witness to the most beautiful sunsets in the world.  it was an interesting experience and was memorable on so many different levels.  it was my first trip abroad and it was mind blowing to get my own passport and travel so far without my family.  our tour was also with a totally random group of a Spanish speaking tour group.  it was pretty funny when the priest got wasted one night off of Italian wine.  it all seems so long ago now, and it's interesting to see how my photography has evolved.  I'm hoping that stories resurface as I post more of these.  get ready to relive my trip!


on our first day in Italy, we were all incredibly jetlagged from our flight and all too excited to be in Rome.  we saw the Trevi Fountain, some ancient ruins, and drove out on narrow little roads that zigzagged through the countryside to the most gorgeous lakeside restaurant and hotel where we had a white lasagna dish for dinner.  it was a great little welcome to this fabulous country.