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gondola rides & panini

adventure, photographyAnna Keller1 Comment

Venice is a magical city of bridges, winding passageways, and some really good food.  we took a ferry ride from our hotel over to this wonderful place, and my camera actually died shortly after we landed.  I was totally fine with this, though, as I firmly believe that stepping away from my viewfinder allows me to experience a place in much more real and memorable way.  I decided to fork up the 20 euros to take a gondola ride with some of my classmates.  it's kind of a rip-off, but when would I ever have the opportunity again?  and seeing the city from the water is the most beautiful way to do it.  after our ride, we bought some panini from a vendor and found some shade under one of the many bridges and spent the afternoon watching boats pass lazily by.  we eventually met up with our class in St Mark's square and proceeded to watch a lace making demonstration.  our hotel was right by a beach, and we were able to spend our time away from the city sunbathing and giggling at the Italian men in their Speedos.  our rooms were all connected by balconies which made it easy to sneak between rooms after lights out.  who needs sleep???