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ciao ciao

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here are a few more snapshots from my 2006 trip around Italy.  it's crazy to think that it was my first taste of international travel, when now, 6 years later, I've traveled to Panama, Lithuania, and a number of other countries that I never thought I'd step foot in. it was a beautiful place and I'm very lucky to have had this opportunity to travel in high school.  everything was taken care of by my very brave teachers.  our studliest male chaperone even stopped a knife fight from breaking out in a discotheque (we left immediately after that).  I drank plenty of Fanta (I verified in Berlin that Fanta in Europe is very different from the overly sugary stuff over here) and ate panini at many an Autogrill.  Italian men really love a girl with even a touch of blond in her hair, and you really shouldn't handle all of the beautiful scarves that you see in the stores (always ask if you can touch an item).  the euro was doing well and a flat pizza, drenched in olive oil, is the perfect lunch to eat in the shade of an umbrella.  children who can barely read start their days with espresso and they don't believe in bottled salad dressing, only olive oil and lemon juice.

some day I'll go back.  I really believe that Italy deserves a lot of time to be discovered.  as they say, Rome wasn't built in a day, and it could take a life time to see all that it, and its neighboring cities, have to offer.

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