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visit: Mass MoCA

adventure, art, photographyAnna Keller1 Comment

last Friday, I drove down to Connecticut to bring my sister back to Vermont for Easter weekend, and I swung a little out of my way to stop at the Mass MoCA in North Adams, Massachusetts.  my mom has been recommending that I go for years, and after reading about some other bloggers' (Danielle, Katie, and Anna) experiences at the museum, I decided it was the perfect place to stop.

the museum itself is made up of several old Sprague Electric buildings (my mom actually worked for them fresh out of MIT) and the industrial grounds are the perfect backdrop for such large-scale pieces of work.  I loved the 3 different stages of Sol LeWitt's work (on display until 2033, so no real rush), and the museum is worth coming back to since there are rotating exhibits from many talented artists.

it really just felt so good to be back in a large, well-known art museum.  I visited at least one a week while I was in Europe, and my exposure to art has definitely dwindled since I've been in Vermont.  I feel culturally aware again!