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modern art makes me/want to rock out

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- Modern Art, Art Brut Bang Bang Rock & Roll

my little brother and his 3 friends have been playing together in a band since they were 12.  several years later, they are high school juniors and are actually pretty good. they practice in our room above the garage once a week and I don't mind it at all (now, 4 years ago I did).

last weekend, they had a gig at 242 Main, a small venue in Burlington where Fugazi once performed.  my sister and I were definitely the oldest ones there by like 5 years, but hey, at least we're not too old to rock out.  as my sister pointed out, it was probably the only show either of us had been to in years where no one was on drugs of any kind.  at least, not in an obvious way.

check out Wolcot on their website and Facebook.  they're on Spotify & iTunes, too!