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1.  road trip treat from McD's  2 & 3. checking out the athletic facilities at Lafayette College

4.  going Gothic at Lehigh  5. the old Bethlehem Steel Works, totally redone (more to come on this later)

6. Franklin Field at UPenn  7. a carb loaded meal at one of my favorite chains, Macaroni Grill

I just spent a long weekend with my dad and brother touring colleges in eastern PA.  I'm 6 years older than my brother, and since he came along on most of my college visits when he was just 10 years old I don't really mind helping him with his own search now.  checking out some of the schools that I got in to but didn't attend has really got me thinking about the what ifs, the could've beens.  different friends, different cities, different classes, different problems.  people often ask me if I liked my own university, and I have a hard time answering them.  sure, most of my time there was not fun.  I had more downs than ups.  however, my undergraduate career has made me the person that I am today and there is no way I'd want to change that.  that's life.