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I've gone and updated my style inspiration page.  I added a few images to spring and started thinking ahead to summer.  it may have snowed here last night, but I am more than ready to trade my coat for a sundress.

I like compiling my inspiration because it lets me see how I'm evolving, or staying consistent.  a quick scroll through the past year and a half shows that I have a strong tendency to wear stripes, grey, and the occasional pop of color.  part of this has been intentional.  I think a big part of becoming a grown up is developing a sense of personal style and a uniform.  some items are very 'me' and I love that I can go to my closet and still obsess over a piece that I bought 4 years ago.  however, I have been feeling a little bored when I get dressed in the morning.  sure, I am usually happy with what I put together, but it's lacking that little something that makes an outfit interesting.  being consistent is easy and helps me to function on a rather minimal budget, but it also feels like a rut.