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adventures in film, part I

photographyAnna Keller1 Comment

I just got my first roll of film back from the developer and I could not be more excited to start my next roll.  the images are imperfect and a little fuzzy, but they're a million times more interesting to me than what I can do with my DSLR or iPhone.

while flipping through the images, I found that I shoot much straighter with my new camera, as most of my digital pictures are tilted ever so slightly to the right and I have to straighten them.  not so with these.

with this roll I was getting used to using the light meter and trying to focus the lens all by myself.  I'm starting to realize how much of a crutch technology is and why my parents take so darn long to take a picture.  there is a lot to think about when you have one shot at getting an image to be just right.