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eat: AQ Kafé

foodAnna Keller1 Comment

on Monday, it was absolutely pouring in Manhattan.  it was the kind of rain that no one is safe from, no matter what type of umbrella you use or how fast you run.  so when we decided we were hungry and in need of a warm, dry place to eat, my friend suggested that we go to AQ Kafé, a European-inspired restaurant with a menu that is heavily influenced by typical modern Swedish cuisine.  since we'd been travel buddies in Stockholm just a few short months ago, it seemed like a perfect place to have a midday meal.

my friend had the Swedish meatballs, which came with mashed potatoes (Scandinavians have perfected this side dish), pickled cucumbers just like the ones that I ate every day in Denmark, lingonberries (which are not only served at IKEA), and some bread.  the dish was so very Scandi and she ate every little bit even though she claimed that she wasn't super hungry.

I had the grilled cheese and tomato soup.  it was absolutely perfect given that my tummy was rumbling after spending all day wandering around the MoMA and my legs were cold from the rain.  the sandwich was made with hand-cut brioche and aged millport dairy cheddar.  it was an interesting twist on the classic pairing and definitely cured my comfort food craving.

seeing a menu packed with fingerling potatoes and herring actually made me a bit nostalgic for Nordic cuisine.  who knew I could find it right in the middle of Manhattan?


AQ Kafé

1800 Broadway New York, NY 10019 212-541-6801